Frequently Asked Questions
  • I am from UK. My ring size is M. How do I find my US ring size?
    Answer: Many countries have their own ring size systems. To measure your ring size, use a strip of paper to wrap around the finger, mark the point where it connects, and measure it by a ruler or tape. For a list of ring size in different countries, click here.
  • What is a birth stone? My Birthday is in March, how do I find my birthstone?
    Answer: Birthstones are gemstones corresponding with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year. It varies from region to region, culture to culture, and ancient time to modern era. Based on ICA(International Colored Gemstone Association), here is the list of modern birthstones.
  • What kind of bone do you use for your carved bone pieces?
    Answer: Most of our carved bone items are cow or water buffalo bones unless otherwise stated. We also have a mammoth ivory collection, which are from fossilized tusks of extinct species. We adhere to all internal laws in regard to mammoth ivory and other fossils.